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Your Office: awesome marina views, open water, watching the sunrise over the water, beautiful weather, a chance to see fun new places.

Your Job: a combination of construction and light maintenance.

You: flexible, team player, loves to travel, dependable, high school/GED education, willingness to learn new things, ability to climb 30ft and swim (we are at around the water)

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CYC Storm Damage Update


It’s been over one week now since the wind event Sunday came through and damaged the docks at CYC. Many of the crew members have worked daily straight through in an effort to secure the docks and relocate them 180′ back to the West. We also had to restore power, water, fuel, and internet to the docks. Needless to say, having roughly 45% of your anchoring break all at once is challenging to say the least to overcome.

Luckily, we were able to gather 3 crews to work on the task at hand, we have made huge strides getting some cables reattached to dead-man and dropping some new anchors to get control of the marina prior to the next wave of storms. On Thursday last week, we were able to move the marina 160′ back close to where it was prior to the storm. Last Friday we reopened the store, fuel dock and docks so that clients could check on their boats. We will have work on the docks during the weeks for some time trying to straighten out what the wind did in minutes.

Please be patient while this work may interfere in our normal business plan. Also, please use caution when walking on the docks as some of the damaged areas will take time to repair and some of the walk surfaces are not level, these areas are marked with caution cones and tape. We hope to be able to run golf carts as normal in the coming weeks. The NWS has still not made a determination if the vent was a tornado or down draft winds or possibly both.

I did talk to someone who said a weather station way over by the dam posted 89mph winds and that is not near where we are. I’m thinking that is conservative compared to our location. Stay tuned for more updates as we have a lot of work planned for this week.

Best Regards,

Roland Adams
General Manager
Hurst Harbor Marina and Crosswater Yacht Club

2017 Boating Season is Coming!

The water is finally starting to warm up, and the fish are back to biting! Don’t get land locked like this guy. Shake of those winter blues by coming out to your favorite Suntex Marina and getting your boat back in the water! I know the weather doesn’t seem to want to play along, but we are positive the beautiful, warm days are just around the corner! Check out the video and get excited!

Message from the GM: STORM DAMAGE

On April 2nd, The Crosswater Yacht Club suffered some damage this morning when the front rolled through, we do not know if it was just straight line winds or tornado. Luckily, by the grace of god, no one was injured as the staff were in the store and several folks hunkered down in their boats. I have personally walked the docks and I’m pleased to report only two boats were damaged that is clearly visible and obvious at this time and neither suffered catastrophic damage.

We have already contacted one of the owners and the other was on his boat at the time. I would appreciate everyone staying away today as my crew and several other crews try and secure the docks and walkways. We shut off power first and it will remain off until I’m sure it is safe. I have an electrician here now checking out the power. We will let you know when power is restored. Access will be denied to anyone coming out to check on your boat, I’m sorry, it is just to dangerous at this time. More updates as we continue to work and get the docks secure.

The electrician has finished checking all of the power cables and we were able to turn all docks back on, however, the power had to be turned off again temp while we have divers in the water working around L,M, and N. it will be turned on tonight for safety.

Later that day, we did restore water to docks, some service might suffer, since some of the flex pipes are bent.

Please do not ask to look at your boat yet as we now have 3 crews working to get the docks re anchored. Marine center is open but the phones are still down. There is no way to get to the store by land. If you need us please call the shuttle phone 512-993-7535.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

More Updates…

Winter in Austin Texas has been enjoyable and the local boat dealers are extremely happy with the current activity in the market place. The Austin Boat Show was a huge success and many of the dealers are saying this could be a banner year for them. This is great news for them and the local boating economy. It may mean a few more boats on Lake Travis, so if you know someone that was waiting to jump back in the boating game for whatever reason, tell them now is the time. Send them to CYC or HHM and we will give you a referral of one month free up to $500. Our marina crew had a great time again this year hosting the “Indoor Poker run” again this year, we got to give away thousands in prizes as people walked around the show and collected stamps from participating dealers. If you missed out, you should try and make it next year.

Another strong sign the lake is waking up from the drought slumber is all the restaurant changes. We did move the old Johnny Fin’s building up river to Point Venture Marina and it is slated to reopen as the new Gnarly Gar. The Rusty Rudder at Emerald Point Marina is apparently is going to change names quickly to Ernie’s on the Lake. I called this morning to check in with my buddy Stu at Briarcliff Marina and he says that The Lantern Bar and Grill opened up late last season and is operational now Thursday- Sunday. He says there is plenty of courtesy parking , but big boats need to call a head and the marina will work with you on space to park. I spoke to another source that tells me that Nik’s on the lake located at Sandy Creek Marina will be changing names to Shack512 and will be opening March 1st. Of course the other’s that have not changed are Sundancer Grill at Sail and Ski, Shore Club at VIP marina and Canyon Grill at Rough Hollow. All in all, the selection looks good for eating out on Lake Travis this year. Here is a rundown and web sites for the restaurants I know of for summer 2017.

  1. Canyon Grille at Rough Hollow 
  2. Ernies’s on the Lake at Emerald Point
  3. Gnarly Gar at Point Venture
  4. Shack512 at Sandy Creek Marina
  5. Shore Club at Volente Beach/VIP 
  6. Sundancer Grill at Sail and Ski Marina
  7. The Lantern Bar and Grill at Briarcliff Marina

Boat Registration Renewed?

If you did not have your registration up to date last year, you probably received a citation in the mail from Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Game Wardens. I’d like to remind you that they can and more than likely are coming to walk both HHM and CYC for expired registration. We tried last year to get them to allow us some heads up in advance so that we could notify our clients and were told that they don’t work that way. So, here is your heads up, please get your registration up to date and get the current tags put on the boat.

See you soon!

Roland Adams, General Manager

New Winter Hours

Once again, the time change has arrived quicker than we thought it would. This year, Sunday, November 6th is our “fall back” one hour time change. The operational hours at HHM will remain the same for service and dry stack. 

  • The shuttle hours will change starting Monday the 7th and will be; Sunday – Thursday 8am to 7pm and Friday and Saturday from 8am to 9pm. These will be temporary until December when we cut back again for winter hours. 
  • The Store hours will be going to 8am to 5pm Sunday through Thursday and 8am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday. Store winter hours will go to 8am to 5pm in December.

From your Assistant Manager

I hope everybody has a prosperous, and healthy 2017. This winter has been mild for the most part, a few days with freezing temps mixed in with mostly 70s and 80s not bad. These 80 degree January days are some of the best on lake Travis. come out and see us, check on your boat and maybe take a boat ride.

This new year has brought some rain and some very high winds. CYC and HH have held strong, Chad, Julio and John are some of the best dock guys on the lake. Boat covers and golf cart covers have hard time staying in place during high winds, we do our best to try and put these covers back on. If a boat cover or golf cart cover continually blows in the lake or blows around the parking lot we have stowed these
covers inside the boat or golf cart.

We will be spraying for spiders in a couple of weeks, if you notice any spider heavy areas on the marina let me know.

We have been noticing multiple power cords plugged into the available 110 plugs, these plugs have a simple gfci on them it doesn’t take much to overload and trip these plugs. Every slip on the marina has at least one 30amp plug available to them, we are now stocking an adapter in the shipstore that enables you to use this 30amp plug for your 110 style equipment. Roland, Chad or myself can explain this in further detail.

Thanks to all our members for making CYC and HH the best marinas on the lake. As Always we look forward to serving all your boating needs.

-Ted Henkhaus, Assistant Manager

Hurst Harbor Updates

Hard to believe that January has come and gone already. Last month brought frigid and warm temperatures, wind, and plenty of rain. You never know what you are going to get weather wise. If you would like us to launch your boat, remember to give us at least one hour’s notice. If the Service Center winterized your boat, make sure you call Terry at 512-276-8918 to schedule a de-winterization before launching. We may still have some cold weather ahead, so make sure to keep an eye on the weather if you choose to use your boat.

One major change that has occurred, is the old restaurant building is now gone. We moved it to its new home up the lake, late last month. The view from shore is radically different now. In its place we have installed a new walkway, with lighting, that will connect the docks to shore. Now that the construction crews are gone, in the coming month we will be replacing some boards on the walkway and touching up the deck paint.

If you need anything, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here for you and to help you have an enjoyable time on the lake!

Thank you and safe boating,

-Nick Shepherd, Hurst Harbor Operations Manager